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Sunway University

What is ETHKL?

What is Ethereum Kuala Lumpur 2023?

Ethereum Kuala Lumpur 2023 is a Conference & Hackathon aimed at the objective of promoting the understanding and adoption of Ethereum smart contracts and related technologies.

What's on Ethereum Kuala Lumpur 2023?

What's on Ethereum Kuala Lumpur 2023?

On ETHKL Conference 2023, we aim to gather blockchain buidlers, developers, and enthusiast together through talks, workshops and hackathons.



- UTC +8 (GMT)


The ETHKL 2023 conference is a two-day event that covers a wide range of topics, including Zero Knowledge Proofs, Layer 2, DeFi, Data infrastructure, security, and more. This gathering brings together industry experts and pioneers to explore the latest advancements in Ethereum. Attendees will have access to insightful discussions and presentations on various subjects related to Ethereum technology.

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- UTC +8 (GMT)


The ETHKL 2023 Hackathon is a physical event in Malaysia where developers, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts showcase their skills on the Ethereum blockchain. With a $10,000 prize pool, participants can explore new frontiers, network, and kickstart their career in the blockchain industry.

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List of speakers for Ethereum Kuala Lumpur 2023. More to be announced.

Andrey Glukhov

Senior Infrastructure Security Engineer at Matter Labs (zkSync)

Anthony DiPrinzio

Head of Growth at Aleo

Balal Khan

Co-founder at

Cathie So

ZKML Researcher at Privacy & Scaling Explorations (PSE), Ethereum Foundation

Chan Zhong Yang

Head of Research at CoinGecko

Chih Cheng Liang

Senior Engineer at Privacy and Scaling Exploration Team, Ethereum Foundation

Danilo Kim

Co-founder at Kakarot zkEVM

Dave Appleton

Blockchain dev & Co-founder at

Dmitry Slinkov

Security Engineering Manager at Matter Labs (zkSync)

Eliaz Tarzartes

Co-founder at Kakarot zkEVM

Emerson Liang Rei

Senior Portfolio Analyst at LongHash Ventures

Glenn Woo

Head of Sales, Asia Pacific at Blockdaemon

Hanna Tantoco

Director of Marketing, Asia Pacific at Blockdaemon


Dev at Zkonduit


Engineer at Cartridge

Ken Chan

Co-founder, CTO at Aevo



Martinet Lee

Head of Developer Relations at Quantstamp

Matthew Tan

CEO, Founder at Etherscan

Muhammad Amirul Ashraf

Ethereum Core Dev (.Net) at Nethermind

Shan Shan Shui

ProRel Institutional Growth Lead at Lido Finance

TN Lee

CEO at Pendle Finance


Community Contributor at Vyper

Wanseob Lim

Researcher at Privacy & Scaling Explorations (PSE), Ethereum Foundation

Zhen Yu Yong

CEO, Cofounder at Web3Auth


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